Waking up everyday feeling low (anxiety rushing through my veins as I got up to look at my complexion in the bathroom mirror) and knowing I have to go out and face the world was in fact THE hardest job I ever dealt with.

Just getting up.


Because I had a detrimental skin condition that plagues many adults in our society that goes unnoticed until you face it yourself – ACNE.

I lived + breathed my reflection for almost 2 decades. 

Yes, you read that right.

18 years to be exact.

But you know what?

I pulled myself together and decided this HAS to STOP – like starting TODAY!

I couldn’t bear to keep piling a layer after layer of pore clogging +suffocating makeup foundation + concealers + oil control powder & primers that only aggravated my skin condition further.

I was over it.

I was thirsty for the REAL answers.

WHY my dermatologist visits weren’t doing a damn thing.

WHY no on trend skincare products worked. To be fair, they worked…for a few weeks, then stopped, then I’d find new & hyped up cream/gel/cleanser…and guess what? It’d stop working after a few weeks, resulting in a vicious cycle of hopelessness and misery.

I wasted a lot of $$$.

I tried cutting out certain foods such as fast food, soda, sweets and still not much progress.

I couldn’t be more confused.

But, I made a breakthrough…

And got clear…and guess what?

I stayed clear after a month, then 2, then 6…

Its been 4 YEARS now of extraordinary self-confidence! No makeup – just au natural!

Wanna find out how I did it?

Check out my new site for the answers…Clear Skin by Nature

I would love for you to have the same results as I did.

You’re beautiful, no matter what you see – no matter what ANYONE tells you – no matter the stares & gazes. You will get there, but you need answers from someone thats been in your shoes.

It took me 18 years…but, I promise it won’t take you this long. Save yourself many years of agony and accelerate the process by giving it a go 😉 I want to help.

I’ve been there and know how it feels…

Clear, gorgeous skin is confidence, naturally!


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