Best Natural Herbal Sleep Aids – Hyland’s Calms Forte + Lavender Essential Oil


Do you get enough sleep every day of the week? I sure don’t! With work, errands, workouts, family and social life (like most of us) – sleep is a beautiful thing when one gets an adequate amount of hours of zzz’s and wakes up to a refreshed new day! Many individuals are working themselves to 50 or 60+ hours a day; juggling school with work; taking care of family; etc. – we are for some insomnia here!

I have tried natural melatonin (various dosages) and not so natural prescriptions from the doctor to relieve and put my mind to a peaceful, good night rest. Well, none of the mentioned remedies worked until I stumbled on 2 holistic alternatives that finally worked!

Hyland’s Calms Forte sleeping aid tablets paired with lavender essential oil works wonders and has been my answer for a few months now for calming my mind and a restful sleep!

I will share with you how I use both products. Please note, both products work in sync together for best optimal results. However, just one method is seriously enough for relaxation and oh, beautiful sleep! I prefer to use both products together for a better rest.

Hyland’s Calms Forte (100 tablets for $8.49) – As stated previously, I’ve tried various sleeping aids, including melatonin in different dosages, herbs, prescription meds and nothing has helped as much as Calms Forte formula.

According to Hyland’s website, Calms Forté uses four homeopathically-prepared botanicals to ease your body and your mind, plus six minerals to soothe nerves and edginess. There are no sedatives, so no next-morning drug hangovers. This natural and safe sleeping aid has helped people get their much needed ‘zees’ for over 50 years.

  • Temporary symptomatic relief of Nervous Tension and Occasional Sleeplessness
  • Soothing formula eases tension and promotes sleep naturally
  • Wake-up feeling refreshed
  • Gentle, Safe and Effective
  • All natural active ingredients
  • No Diphenhydramine

The recommended dosage for adults is 3 tablets – 30 minutes prior to sleep. For children under 12, 1-2 tablets – 30 minutes before bedtime. I, personally, up the dosage to 5 tablets. There are no known bad and toxic ingredients in Calms Forte homeopathic formula; therefore, I take a bit more tablets than recommended.

The great thing about Calms Forte is that you can take it for an occasional relaxant without any side effects. Too stressed at work? Stressed out with the kids or chores? Calms Forte may be a great choice! And it’s the ONLY choice that has worked for me!

Aura Cacia Pure Lavender Essential Oil (0.50 oz for $10.98) – Lavender has been known to relax tension and soothe the mind with its tranquil, fresh and botanical aroma. According to Folk Medicine, during the middle ages, the herb was used as an aphrodisiac. John Parkinson, a 17th-century London apothecary, wrote that lavender is “especially good for all griefs and pains of the head and brain.”

In recent science, lavender has been found to have a relaxing and calming effect on the body when used in proper doses.

How I use Lavender Essential Oil: I make a lavender linen spray and spritz over my pillows and sheets for a beautiful and peaceful aroma. 2 oz. water in a clean spray bottle per 11 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake the bottle well before each use (water and oil doesn’t mix well, unless it’s shaken).

Another way to use lavender essential oil is to diffuse it through nebulizing diffuser (best diffuser to distribute essential oils through the room) or other diffuser of choice before bedtime.

So, there you have it! My favorite 2 products that have been tested over a few months for some zen awakening in the morning!


Have you tried Calms Forte or lavender essential oil for sleep aid? Or do you have some favorite natural remedies for getting that sleep on?


  1. Rod says:

    Ah, sleep aids! I could definitely use some! I get tired of having sleep issues. Are these safe to use?