The Best Organic Herbal Teas – My Current Fave’s!


Organic, herbal, hot teas are some of my fave beverages for fall! Spicy notes of chai are comforting and uplifting in the mornings, while chamomile and lavender are soothing and calming in the evenings. Add to that a strawberry and chocolate rooibos tea for a decadent dessert without any calories – at any time. Dandelion root tea is amazing for digestion and bloating throughout the day (particularly after a meal) with the added natural French vanilla flavoring. I will share with you my current favorite herbal teas (caffeine free) and their amazing health properties to nurture your soul and uplift your senses!

Republic of Tea – Strawberry & Chocolate: So, this is one of my absolute fave tea’s that’s completely guilt free! Who doesn’t love the chocolate and strawberries combo!? Rooibos tea (red tea) leaves are combined with strawberry bits and cocoa leaves, making this a delicious beverage when one doesn’t want to indulge in the high calorie dessert. Although, the combo may seem too good to be true – this particular tea does it very well to combine such flavors. You can really taste the strawberry and a hint of chocolate in the background due to the rooibos base. This is the only tea that I’m discussing in this post that’s not labeled organic; however, I trust the sources of tea origin for this brand – Republic of Tea, as they are rather high quality and utilize unbleached tea bags.

Republic of Tea – Super Herb Tea – Organic Dandelion with Vanilla: Since ditching coffee in the mornings, I needed to find some herbal tea with a bit of an earthy aroma. Dandelion tea doesn’t quite taste pleasant to some, but this specific tea is blended with natural French vanilla flavor, which makes it adequate in taste. I’ve actually come to really enjoy it, especially in the mornings. Dandelion root is known for its detox and digestive properties. I suffer from bloating due to food sensitivities and found this tea to take away the bloating really fast, which is pretty neat. From the Republic of Tea website: “The powder that comes out of the tea bags is the ground roasted root that has been used medicinally to cleanse the body. Often recognized in pretty meadows around the globe, dandelions are much more than small, yellow flowers.”

Numi – Organic Rooibos Chai: Chai is a very popular brew of tea that’s enjoyed in a latte form or just by itself. However, usually chai is based on a black tea (caffeinated) and finding an herbal (caffeine free) version is not always easy. The Numi brand chai tastes just like the real thing with the warming spices and earthy vanilla tones. Piquant cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon mingle with sweet all spice, vivacious ginger and a kiss of cardamom. I enjoy this brew on the cold mornings to warm up and cheer my senses. It tastes really great with some steamed coconut milk and coconut sugar! ¾ cup of brewed tea blended with ¼ cup of steamed unsweetened coconut milk. Add a teaspoon (more or less- depending on preference) of unrefined, organic coconut sugar – and you’ll really be looking forward to the mornings!

Traditional Medicinals – Organic Chamomile with Lavender: This is my fave for some relaxing time in the evening before I hit the snooze! Chamomile and lavender – that’s a winning combo for soothing a mind and de-stressing before bedtime. From Traditional Medicinals website: Sipping a cup of this flower rich tea is like aromatherapy for your digestive and nervous systems—both of which are calmed by the comforting effects of the essential oils concentrated in the chamomile and lavender flowers.* Some of our favorite lavender comes from small organic farming plots in Bulgaria, while our chamomile is from our Fair Trade Certified family farmers in Egypt.

What’s your fave herbal teas? I love finding out new varieties and brands! Share below!

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