Matcha Green Tea Powder Health Benefits + Vanilla Almond Matcha Green Tea Latte with Nutmeg Recipe


Green tea has long been considered a beneficial beverage. Green Tea Matcha in powder form contains more nutrients than any other green tea. This medicinal drink is able to fill us with energy and at the same time provide a relaxing effect. One of my absolute favorite ways to drink matcha is in a yummy latte! Decadent, smooth, creamy beverage with hints of vanilla and nutmeg will sure make your taste buds wanting some more of this goodness on a chilly day! See my recipe below post!


Matcha has a high content of antioxidants – antioxidants protect our body from free radicals, a large part, which can lead to many serious diseases (cancer, heart disease, and others.). Antioxidants play an important role in detoxification, maintaining our immune system, and protecting our eyes and skin from aging.

One of the most beneficial antioxidants, which are rich in green tea matcha is EGCG. Green tea Matcha contains 137 times more of antioxidants than any other green tea. Studies have shown that EGCG has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Matcha is also able to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.


Matcha contains large amounts of flavonoids, which are known for antioxidant content; anti-inflammatory effects; possibly reducing cancer and heart disease. All of these antioxidants work in the body, interacting with each other and thus, causing all of these useful properties of green tea matcha.


Matcha contains chlorophyll, which is an amazing substance that contributes to alkalization and blood detoxification. If the acid-base balance of the blood is broken, that is, if the blood is more acidic, then the body becomes overloaded with toxins – in this state a person is at risk of becoming ill. When the acid-base balance of the blood gets better, the body starts the process of removing harmful substances; therefore, there is a detoxification. When the body is able to cleanse blood through receiving proper nutrients, such as chlorophyll from matcha – more oxygen and nutrients get to the cells for a successful recovery.

Due to the content of catechins and theanine, drinking matcha is both soothing and invigorating to the body and mind. This tea provides even more energy than coffee, black tea and other sugary drinks. Individuals who use matcha are consistently growing their mental activity, improving concentration, and overall improving their health.

Vanilla Almond Matcha Green Tea Latte with Nutmeg
Serves 1
A delicious, vegan, Matcha Green Tea Latte with Vanilla and Nutmeg.
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  1. 1 tbs matcha green tea powder
  2. 2 cups unsweetened almond milk
  3. 2 tbs hot, boiled water
  4. 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  5. 2 tbs pure maple syrup
  6. 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  1. Boil unsweetened almond milk until boiling point in a small saucepan. Set aside.
  2. Froth the steamed milk with an electrical hand mixer until desired frothiness is achieved. Set aside.
  3. Add matcha green tea powder, nutmeg spice, vanilla extract, and maple syrup into a small bowl. Whisk in hot water until smooth consistency and no clumps are in sight.
  4. Pour the matcha mixture into a mug, followed by the steamed and frothed almond milk.
  5. Add a few dashes of nutmeg spice and matcha powder on top of the latte.
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 Do you love matcha? In a latte or by itself with iced or hot water? I’d love to know!

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